Hi and thanks for dropping by. I’m Becky and I’m using this space to share some of my learnings from my breast cancer journey with you.

I’m now in a pretty good place – one year on from finishing my chemo and several months on from finishing radiotherapy. My hormone treatment is ongoing and I’m still recovering from what has been a testing time but I hope my musings can be of some use to you.

Being diagnosed with cancer aged 27 was a pretty big deal for me and those around me but I’m getting there and am coming out the other side as a braver version of who I was this time two years ago.

I’m really keen for this blog to be a collaboration and a conversation so if you’d like to share your thoughts or chat about particular issues, please do say hi – I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to get in touch, tweet me, pop me an email or comment below – I’m looking forward to chatting to you!

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